1972 - Production start of surface embroidery machines of Pfaff - industrial machines for endless transport of fabric
1977 - Pfaff introduce the first mechanical multihead embroidery machine with 600 stitches per minute
1981 - Under the trade name "KSM" multihead embroidery machines are developed, 700 stitches per minute
1993 - Introduction of the "SM3" series. 1000 stitches per minute with stitch length of up to 6.2 mm
1997 - G.M. Pfaff AG sells the complete embroidery machines program to KSM GmbH
2000 - Millennium series are presented as most productive flatbed- and cylindrical versions, 1200 stitches per minute
2003 - Mega-stretched embroidery fields open new targeted groups
2005 - Movement into new facilities in Konken
2009 - Start of the new embroidery machines generation Pfaff KSM Mark III through GTT
2010 - First 12 head flatbed embroidery machine worldwide with 1600 stitches per minute
2011 - Extended scope of machinery for surface finishing of textiles as embroidery-, sewing- and lamination solution
2014 - Development of our new touch screen with included barcode scanner, Faff


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