Mehala offers cutting, Joining, Bonding and Material transportation solutions for the composite industry.


Composites Industry Abstracts focuses on polymers and ceramics reinforced with fibres, honeycombs, whiskers, and laminates. Strong yet lightweight, these materials are now used for a variety of applications, from automotive body panels to sporting goods.

During last three decades, more small-scale industries have been established in the country. More than 98% of them use hand lay-up technique for composite fabrication. Improvements in volume growth only started in early 2000 because of the globalization of the Indian economy.

India has made tremendous progress in wind power sector wherein composite consumption has exceeded China & Japan. India is the fourth largest generator of wind power in the world.

The composites were identified as a potential material for its application in the Indian Railways in early 80s for many passenger coach components such as louvre & glass shutters, windowsill & frame, trays for battery boxes, roof ceiling, flooring etc. The railways were aiming towards complete elimination of timber & plywood usage in the coaches.

The automobile industry is another sector wherein significant composite materials have been used significantly in passenger car, scooter, and helmet. There is a huge potential for use of composite in Indian automobile industry especially for catering to the transportation needs of growing middle-class population. There would be a good market for hoods, cabs, frames, and cargo containers that could be used as part of these locally built vehicles.