Mehala offers cutting, sewing and material transportation solutions for the Furniture Industry.


Furniture may be made from a wide variety of materials, including wood, stone, metal, plastic, papier-mâché, glass, cane, and textiles. Styles vary from plain utilitarian to richly ornate, and decoration may be added in the form of carving, inlay, veneer, paint, gilding, or upholstery. Furniture reflects evolving technology and fashion and has often been valued more as a status symbol than for actual use.

This century produced several furniture styles. This was due not only to the variety of new materials that had become available, such as plastic, plywood, steel, aluminium, and fiberglass, but also to the fact that furniture was almost exclusively mass-produced, making it easier for styles to change more rapidly. There was a demand for lightweight, inexpensive furniture that is easy to maintain.

India presents a favourable outlook to sell furniture and one expects the furniture industry to grow further in the coming years. Because of India’s large size and Indian tastes have started to be more refined and Indian people are looking for more western furniture style. The prospect of the furniture sector in India seems positive.